Speedway  Wheelmen - Celebrating  54 years of  Racing




2013 Cyclocross National Championships 
Sarah Fredrickson - 61st Elite Women
Josh Prater - 32nd Masters Men 35-39
Geoff Chandler - 18th Masters Men 55-59
Jeff Schepper - 26th Masters Men 55-59

2013 Masters Cyclocross World Championships 
Sarah Fredrickson - 5th Masters Women 30-34
Josh Prater - 18th Masters Men 35-39
Jeff Schepper - 28th Masters Men 55-59

2013 Sub-9 Death March
Ryan Hubbs & Jeremiah Johnson - 2nd Men's Division
Jeff Schepper & Shane Meadows - 10th Men's Division
Janelle Renschler & Scott Bond - 1st Co-ed Division
Lindsay Rodkey & Erik Paavola - 2nd Co-ed Division
Sarah Fredrickson & Liz Cobb - 1st Women's Division

St Mary's CX 

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