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Formed in 1960, in Speedway, Indiana, the Speedway Wheelmen is the oldest cycling team in Indiana. The team started with fifteen members and has seen its ranks swell to as many as one hundred. Nearly all of the cycling teams and clubs that have formed in Central Indiana since then have had ties back to the Speedway Wheelmen.

Cycling tradition in Indiana has to include IU's Little 500 and the movie "Breaking Away". Did you know that Dave Blase, a Speedway Wheelmen, was the Real "Dave Stoller", on which the movie "Breaking Away" is based?

The Speedway Wheelmen regularly produce high caliber cyclists, placing both locally and nationally, wearing our colors of orange and blue. Erin Hartwell got his start as a Speedway Wheelmen and has medalled in the 87, 89, 90, and 94 National Championships and also the 92 and 96 Olympic Games!

CONTINUED EXCELLENCE: Our team has produced excellent results throughout the Midwest. Placing regularly on the podium in several categories in the OVCX (Cyclocross), Velodrome (MTV) and on the Road.  

Currently, the Speedway Wheelmen is comprised of members having a diverse set of racing skills and interests. Olympic style bicycle racing is sanctioned by the USA Cycling, which ranks riders from category 5 (least experienced) to category 1 (most experienced and most winning). Currently, we have members of ALL ages, categories, and genders. 

TRACK: (Velodrome) racing is a sport rich in tradition and has been popular in America for over one hundred years. We have the strongest track team in Indiana. Track bikes have no brakes and one fixed gear. Throw in the steep, banked track and you have some exciting racing for both racers and spectators.

ROAD: Riders also compete in road events. The team and its members maintain a high, well respected, profile in the cycling community through its visibility at both road races and touring events.

CYCLOCROSS: The Speedway Wheelmen are also very active in cyclocross(The fastest growning segment of bike racing in the US). Members of the team compete and place in local, regional and national cyclocross events and are very excited to teach and share their experiences about this European tradition.

REGULAR ACTIVITIES: By joining the Speedway Wheelmen, you have the opportunity to participate in:

Development For Everyone*: "The range of skill levels is fun. Even though some of the most talented riders in the area are on our team, it is also one of the best entry-level teams for folks new to the sport. It's a really great place to learn without pressure."

Regular Meetings*: "Between the listserve email, quarterly meetings and the team website, I always know what is going on, and can plan my riding accordingly."

Camaraderie*: "Its great to have friends to encourage you and to work out with, instead of doing it all by yourself. Fitness*: Cycling is a lifetime sport. It isn't abusive or pounding, like other sports, and I can do it with my friends and family."

Self Esteem*: "It helps your body to be active. There is an emotional benefit. It can be very uplifting to look back on your life and see what you have accomplished."

* Quotes from members

INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT: Although most of the Speedway Wheelmen work full-time, their part-time job is to stay competitive. Most members of the team train seriously all year around. Our certified coaches and regularly scheduled training events assist our members in meeting their fitness and racing goals. Members actively participate in various cross-training activities during the off-season and winter months. Our members include state champions in cross country skiing, and speedskating on both ice and in-line skates.

RACE PROMOTION: The Speedway Wheelmen promotes Road, Cyclocross, and Track(Velodrome) events.   

VOLUNTEERISM: Opportunities exist for both riders and non-riders. Besides the events mentioned above, the Wheelmen have also volunteered at the National, World, Pan-American, and Olympic levels. The club has several Certified Cycling Coaches, as well as Certified Cycling Officials.

SUPPORT: Thanks to our sponsors, volunteers, and supporters, we can continue to promote quality events like those mentioned above.

How can you participate? If you are an aspiring racer living in central Indiana, and have an interest in joining the thrill of our organization, we'd be delighted to talk with you.




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